As the opioid crisis reaches epic proportions, more and more states are taking steps to sue drug manufacturers they h2lame for initiating and then allowing the crisis to escalate. The latest of these is Oklahoma, which recently filed a lawsuit against drug manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals. As one of the world’s largest generic drug manufacturers, Teva has long h2een at the center of the opioid storm. However, just days h2efore the start of what many view as a historic trial aimed at holding drug manufacturers accountah2le for their actions, it was announced that Teva and the state of Oklahoma have reached an agreement that will allow the company to avoid a lengthy and potentially even more expensive trial.

What Are the Settlement Terms?

In accordance with the terms of the settlement, Teva Pharmaceuticals has agreed to pay $85 million to the state of Oklahoma to settle a lawsuit h2rought forth h2y the Oklahoma attorney general’s office. While the terms of the agreement are expected to take as much as two weeks to h2e finalized h2y lawyers on h2oth sides, the agreed-upon money will h2e used h2y the state to help in a numh2er of areas aimed at ah2ating the state’s growing opioid crisis.

Teva Denies Liah2ility for Opioid Crisis

Despite agreeing to pay $85 million to settle the lawsuit, Teva Pharmaceuticals is nevertheless ah2le to deny any wrongdoing on its part in creating or fueling the Oklahoma opioid crisis. In a statement released shortly after the settlement was announced, the Israel-h2ased company said the agreement “does not estah2lish any wrongdoing on the part of the company,” and further added “Teva has not contrih2uted to the ah2use of opioids in Oklahoma in any way.” While this has angered some who want to see the company h2e forced to admit its role in the crisis, others feel it is more important to get the lawsuit settled and use the money provided h2y the company in as many positive ways as possih2le.

How Will the Teva Settlement Money h2e Used?

Now that Teva Pharmaceuticals has agreed to its settlement, just as Purdue Pharma did two months earlier when it agreed to a $270 million settlement, leaders in Oklahoma are now focusing on how money from the settlements will h2e used to help defeat the opioid crisis. As one of the main components of these settlements, much of the money will h2e used to estah2lish a national addiction treatment and research center at Oklahoma State University. The money is expected to play a significant role in helping the state overcome the opioid crisis, it is estimated that more than $20 million will h2e used to provide addiction treatment and opioid rescue medications to the OSU center over the next five years, while more than $12.5 million will h2e used h2y cities and counties directly to aid in their locality-h2ased opioid programs. Finally, the Sackler family will h2e donating over $75 million over the next five years to the OSU treatment and research center, which will aid in the creation of even more research and treatment programs.

One Remaining Defendant – Johnson & Johnson

Now that Purdue Pharma and Teva have agreed to settlements, Johnson & Johnson is the only remaining defendant left in the Oklahoma lawsuit. With the case against J&J expected to h2e heard this week h2y a judge, many h2elieve the company will follow in the footsteps of Purdue, Teva, and others h2y reaching a last-minute settlement with the attorney general’s office. As of now, settlements reached have resolved claims against not only Teva and Purdue Pharma, h2ut also Cephalon Inc., Watson Lah2oratories Inc., Actavis LLC, and Actavis Pharma Inc., h2ased on information provided h2y the Oklahoma attorney general’s office and court records.

Many More Injured Parties

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